In my short time at Culinary School, I realized that the mainstream restaurant business was not an option for me. In fact, it scared me so much, I didn't pursue a career in cooking for twelve years. A few years ago though, my wife and I took a great interest in eating healthier for our bodies and the earth. We began sourcing better ingredients like organics and locally produced goods. Subsequently, after moving to South Dakota, this interest evolved into more of a passion as we were able to meet more of the men and women producing and sourcing our foods. There's really no feeling like getting to know the people that work so hard to grow and/or source the local and organic food you are cooking and eating. It's truly magnificent.

Now, twelve years later, I finally understand my passion for the Culinary Arts and am infinitely pleased to be offering this "passion" in edible form to the people of the Black Hills via food that is created with local ingredients and a deep love for the earth.

A heartfelt thank you to each client and future client of Elite Events for making this possible. I hope you all enjoy our food and that it sparks a "food revolution" in each and every one of you.

Crucial Facts about me

  • Cooks every single day of his life
  • Grows fresh food in his gardens
  • Raises chickens and collects fresh eggs daily
  • Owns more cookbooks than he has space for
  • Becoming skilled in the traditional and fermented foods movement
  • Believes in the adage: Buy Less, Live More
  • Loves the BBC's Two Fat Ladies - They are truly inspirational
  • Consumes a homemade latte every morning before anything else
  • Likes his food to not only taste amazing but look beautiful as well
  • Dreams of living in Italy or France for a month out of every year
  • Main hobbies are cooking, gardening and creating things

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Crucial Facts about me

I have done a lot of things in my life, been a renaissance woman of sorts. I’ve been a firefighter, business owner, property manager, egg candler, art teacher, volunteer, sommelier and most rewarding and challenging, a mother.

With Elite Services I have been able to combine some of my greatest passions and gifting’s, food, wine, hospitality and caring for others.

Originally from Southern California, I grew up watching and helping my mother, grandma and aunts cook traditional Hispanic foods and entertain in a family oriented big hearted way. No one ever went hungry!

Property management and the service side of my business fulfils my passion for taking care of people, their assets and the details they care about. I have managed residential, commercial and multi unit housing as well as a caretaker of vacant properties.

In most recent years I have refined and educated myself in the food and wine world. I am currently working on a chef certification and have attained my Level 1 Wine Certification as a Sommelier. I hope to continue my wine education at the International Culinary Center in the Intensive Sommelier Training Course.

I am a proud mother of three grown children and one granddaughter. Currently, my son and I are working together in our new venture, Elite Events, a culinary branch of Elite Services.

My clients can be sure that Elite Services will have their best interests in mind when handling their dinner parties, properties and special details.

My experiences in life have prepared me for such a business as this.